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In this tutorial, we'll walk through the process of creating an activation function within the Newcoin ecosystem. Our primary example will center on a simple voting mechanism that allows users to generate WATTs by upholding specific conditions.

Subsequently, we'll explore how to query and utilize these WATT scores in various applications, both on and off the blockchain.

We'll walk through the following steps:

1. Creating the Activation Function

Discover how to define and implement an activation function, which acts as the foundational mechanism for the Newcoin system.

2. Proposing the Activation Function

Learn to specify the desired Neural Token type and amount for the activation function, followed by submitting it to the Encoder.

3. Foundation's Approval Process

Understand the crucial step where the Newcoin Foundation reviews and approves the proposed activation function.

4. Activation via Encoder

Delve into the process of running the approved activation function on the encoder, resulting in the production of a unique ID for further operations.

5. Validating and Issuing WATTs

Grasp how the Newcoin system validates the conditions of the activation function and, upon successful validation, issues the corresponding WATTs to users.

6. Querying WATTs

Explore the means to query the issued WATTs, a universally readable proxy that offers insights into a user's reputation and influence across multiple platforms.

7. Integrating Logic for Developers

Uncover the potential of WATTs as developers harness them to incorporate Newcoin's logic into a myriad of applications, fostering a seamless user experience both on-chain and off-chain.