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Newcoin Developer

Encode Trust & Intelligence ~ Immutable Points Standard Protocol (IPSP)

Welcome to the cutting-edge, anon!

What is Newcoin?

Newcoin allows you to mint, distribute, compute and query Immutable Points across the World Wide Web. Immutable Points are like token balances but they measure the merits of a data object within a context.

Why do I need it?

Make your application natively Sybil-resistant and qualitative by leveraging the ocean of data points available across the World Wide Web into a universal algorithmic endpoint that can be read by smart contracts, backend and clients.

How does it work?

You can read and write Immutable Points onchain and offchain to build eventually consistent algorithmic mechanism design and allow smart contracts to automate decisions such as ranking, permissions, ressource allocation and more.

Newcoin Hypernetwork

🦾 Robust

IPSP turns disparate and complex graph interaction histories into a universally queryable and unified data object.

✨ Composable

Integrate points issuance and verification within your smart contract mechanics or interactions with other points.

♻️ Synergistic

As more networks interoperate with the standard, the whole becomes greater than the sum of all its parts.