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Newcoin Developer

Contribute to the Proof-of-Creativity Algorithm

Welcome to the cutting-edge, anon!

What is Newcoin?

Newcoin is a log of cryptographically signed credentials that are processed in parallel using a probabilistic state machine to achieve a shared consensus state powered by the Proof-of-Creativity algorithm.

Why do I need it?

Make your application natively Sybil-resistant and qualitative by leveraging the ocean of data points available across the World Wide Web into a universal algorithmic endpoint that can be read by smart contracts, backend and clients.

How does it work?

Contribute to the algorithm by deploying ActivationFunction contracts that contribute to the Proof-of-Creativity algorithm and reward your users with trust points and query the WATT score of any blockchain wallet to instantly detect awesomeness.

Newcoin Hypernetwork

🦾 Robust

Newcoin is designed to interface with diverse systems, handling varied input data types and formats. By strictly regulating output while accommodating a broad spectrum of inputs, networks achieve consistent and clear communication across nodes.

✨ Adaptive

As Newcoin collects data signals, the Proof-of-Creativity algorithm recursively adjusts its centrality measurement and makes the next computation more accurate and relevant. Inspired by Google's PageRank algorithm, each node carries a weight that impacts the whole hypernetwork.

♻️ Synergistic

Newcoin is designed to mutualize data and computation into a shared intelligence greater than the sum of their separate intelligence. A like on social media enhances the decentralization of a consensus mechanism which in turn fuels better data inputs to ML pipelines. All networks grow together regardless of their topology.